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A few days ago, I posted a photo of puzzle pieces signed by wedding guests on Facebook and noted that we should rename the concept of the “guest book” because it doesn’t seem that many people are really using a book anymore!   I received a bunch of responses agreeing and even someone who suggested renaming it to “Guest Love” or “Guest Love Notes”.  Adorable!  So, for today’s post, I’m featuring a few of the NEW guest “love” ideas that brides and grooms are using to capture who was at their wedding and maybe a little marriage advice too!  Enjoy!

1.  Puzzle Pieces – Have each guest sign, decorate, doodle or leave advice on a large puzzle piece at the wedding.  After the big day, assemble the puzzle and frame.  We hung our renewal puzzle on our main hallway in our house…I pass it everyday and always smile or stop to re-read a note from family and friends.

(Photo by Liz and Ryan)

2. Oars (Skis, Guitar, Bench, Monogram Letters, etc.) Since we are in a nautical town, I think the idea of having guests sign oars and then hang them over your bed or living room mantle is such a fun idea!  You can also use something that works well for your wedding or location — skis for a winter wedding in the mountains, a beautiful bench to put next to your front door or even a large wood letter of your new last initial.  Give guests a sharpie and watch out!

(From Southern Weddings)

3. Cook Book “Love” Book – So, yes, this is a book, but it’s so much more!  If you love to cook, and cook together, then pick a gorgeous cook book with lots of new recipes that you haven’t tried yet.  Have guests sign their favorite page or recipe in the book.  Once you are married and are in the kitchen together, you will get to read a lovely note with each new recipe you cook!  So fun!

4. Engagment Photo Canvas – You know ALL those amazing engagement photos you just had done?  Other than your website and save the dates, how can you use them?  Like this!  Pick your favorite engagment photo and have it printed on a large canvas.  Your photographer can help with this.  Then, have your guests leave a note and sign their name on the canvas at the wedding.  After the big day, hang the photo in your family room or bedroom, so you get to read the sweet notes anytime!

5. Wine Bottle – You know that I had to include something to do with wine in this list!  A lot of wineries have large “magnum” size bottles – that hold twice as much wine as a normal bottle.  (Yay!)  These larger bottles are perfect for guests to sign!  Just remove the label(s) and provide your guests a silver Sharpie.  Put the bottle away, after your wedding, in a dark, cool place and on your first anniversary, open the bottle, read the notes and enjoy!

Of course, there are SO many more fun and creative ideas out there for capturing your guests names, advice and sweet love!  I can’t wait to hear your great ideas too!

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