DIY Paper Lanterns

For our 10 year wedding renewal, I created book page adorned paper lanterns that hung in our lounge area at the reception.  These paper lanterns were so easy to make and made a huge impression on the guests.  I thought I would share this quick DIY project with you today.  With just a few tools and some paper, you can make perfect lanterns for your big day.

First, purchase 12″ white paper lanterns and assemble (yes, they come flat and you have to pop them open and place the “brace” inside to hold it open – don’t be afraid to bend the brace pushing it into the lantern). Then, pick out paper that fits your wedding colors and/or theme.  I use pages from books, but you could use colored paper in your wedding colors, glitter paper, music sheets or even vintage love letters.  Then, get a 1.5″ circle craft punch and punch out “tons” of circles from your paper.  (I honestly don’t know how many you will need for one lantern.  I ended up talking my daughter into punching circles for me, while she was watching TV, but it’s a great bridesmaid job too!)

Now, it’s time to start hot gluing those circles onto the lantern.  Start that the bottom (opposite the open hole at the top) and glue the top of each circle to the lantern, overlapping as you go.  I used the metal rings that hold the lantern open, as a guide for my circles.  Keep going around until you get to the top.  It takes awhile, but is a really easy process.  When they are done, you can string fishing line from the top to hang and even get battery operated lights for the inside, so they glow at night!

Use them as a backdrop for your ceremony or photo booth…hang them above your sweetheart table…turn them upside down and place a LED candle inside for a funky cocktail reception centerpiece…the ideas are endless!

Photos by Liz and Ryan

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