Allison…at a glance

I realized that with the brand refresh and the new website, I’ll be adding some new followers to the blog too. I thought it would be fun to introduce myself in photos — so, this post is Allison…at a glance. Basically, you can see my personality, and really, all the things that I love, in one place. Not included are my twins and hubby, but honestly, that’s a given, right?!

— I love anything with gold glitter — mostly in paper form!
— I’ve perfected the tying of bows, along with making the perfect bowtie for invitations, save the dates and more!
— Mmmm…cake…need I say more?
— I am always carrying a Kate Spade bag…period.
— I have a 12 year old black pug and an almost 2 year old French Bulldog-Pug mix.  I am addicted to flat faced dogs.
— Another addiction is books…reading and collecting.  Collecting?  Well, let’s just say I have a very long “to-be-read” list ahead of me.
— I watch Gilmore Girls almost everyday.  I started watching it when my twins were infants.  I was home alone all day and the quick wit and humor on the show got me through feedings, diapers and crying x2.  So, now, I watch episodes on Netflix and abc family channel when I’m assembling invitations or designing.  I’ve been known to “make a periodic whirring sound and shut down”. (name that’s my fav)
— Cinnamon dolce latte is my go to drink at Starbucks
— I love wine…wine tasting…going to wineries.  My hubby and I visit the wineries in Loundon County, VA most every year for our anniversary.
— Do I have to explain why washi tape is so amazing…well, I’ll save the for another post!

So, that’s a little bit about the things that I love and a glance at me.  I look forward to getting to know you.  What’s one thing that you love and why?

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