Pen to Paper :: New Blog Series for Creatives and Designers

The meaning of “put pen to paper” is to write or begin to write something.  And, that is exactly what I plan to do with this new blog series — begin to write down all of the lessons I’ve learned through 12 years of owning Allison Barnhill Designs.  It took me some time to come around to the idea that I had enough content to share with fellow creatives and stationery designers.  I always questioned whether “you” would really want to hear from me.  But, through the years, I’ve been asked so many questions and provided so much advice and mentoring to others, that I realized I could share my experience and knowledge to help fellow creatives.

So, “Pen to Paper” was born…out of this little wish that I might be help one of my fellow creatives.  Maybe I’ll answer a question you’ve been wanting to ask.  Maybe I’ll confirm something you already knew.  But, I feel sharing my knowledge is a way of giving back to this amazing community of designers and other creatives that has treated me so well for over a decade.

I will tell you that all of the posts might not apply to you or your business.  My strength is in stationery design and I will share posts that really only apply to that type of business.  But, there will also be plenty of posts about more general business topics that would apply to any small business owner.  I’m looking forward to sharing these posts with you and encourage your comments and questions.  To follow along with this series, just go to my website and on the home page, you’ll see “for creatives” tab.  Just click there to read all these posts in one place.

So, here I go, taking a leap of faith and hoping you’ll join me for the ride!

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