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Okay, so I can’t be the only one that has one of those mornings where everything seems to be going wrong.  I am trying to do so much for others and feel like the rest of the world is against me. I begin to doubt everything I’m doing…am I doing the right way…should I even keep trying? This translates into a brewing bad mood and a bunch of work to do and no eagerness to do it.  So, I spin my wheels on Instagram trying to make myself feel better by looking at pretty pictures, only to feel worse because everyone else seems to be having fun on vacation or enjoying their perfect cup of morning coffee.  Enough!

When I find myself spiraling down the staircase of doom, I step away from my computer, my studio and the piles of work.  Sometimes the calming and reassuring smells and sights in my local Starbucks will turn my mood around.  Or, I need to go to a bookstore and lose myself in the pages of a good story.  Try to find something that will get you out of your own head and into a better place.  If that doesn’t work, a good glass of wine has healing properties too!

Whatever you do, remember that your worth should not be based upon other’s accomplishments.  You are enough.  Get back to what you love.  Step back to the computer, back to the studio and do ONE thing at a time.  That is all you can do.  Then, throw a little confetti/glitter/sprinkle throwing party at the end of the day.  You deserve it!!

2 thoughts on “Personal :: Overcoming Moments of Doubt

  1. Thanks for this, Allison! It’s so true. I have to tell myself “step. away. from. the devices!” and take a breather for a bit. Sometimes it’s an hour, sometimes a day, and I have had a week before… it happens and it’s okay. Nice to hear it from someone I look up to so much!

  2. Well said! I find that the more I dive into social media the more I feel like this. It is hard to step away and not constantly compare yourself! Thanks for the reminder that I am important and I am good enough! xoxoxo

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