5 Things About Me That Might Shock You


Don’t we all have those little secrets or maybe just fun facts that we don’t always share with the masses?  You might not share because you worry about what others might think.  Or, maybe you think they are shocking, but in reality, they aren’t that scandalous.  Either way, today, I decided to share 5 things that might surprise and shock you.  Enjoy!

  1. I didn’t major in graphic design in college.  Nope, my major was Decision and Information Sciences, which included lots of business classes, coding and statistics…no Illustrator or Photoshop classes included.
  2. I used to HATE the color pink.  Seriously, if you asked me in my teens and early twenties what my favorite color was, I would have said green.  Didn’t wear pink, didn’t buy anything pink and didn’t paint any walls pink.  NOPE.  Obviously, my palette has evolved.
  3. I read about 125 books per year.  I buy about 200.  I have a very big “to be read” pile waiting for me in “retirement”.
  4. I didn’t make my own wedding invitations.  GASP!!!  I designed every other piece of paper for the wedding…programs, favors, place cards, wedding wish cards, etc., but didn’t do the invites.  I bought them online.  They were white with black text. Pretty boring by my current standards.
  5. I’ve designed invitations for over 1000 weddings in my career — honestly, it might be closer to 1500.  I’ve lost count.  Some years, my team and I would handle about 350 weddings…so there you go.

Okay, so now, I challenge you to share one thing about yourself that may shock or surprise all of us…strangely liberating!

One thought on “5 Things About Me That Might Shock You

  1. I am always up for a fun challenge, so here goes!

    1. I did not finish college! I started in the Hospitality Industry and fell in love!
    2. I used to hate the color lavender…now I have a serious crush on it!
    3. I love to read and do not do enough of it. I have a nook but MUCH prefer a book. There is just something about the feel of the paper and turning pages!
    4. While I plan hundreds of weddings, I got married on the beach, just me and my hubby!
    5. I am not sure I can count high enough to include all the events I have done in my 30+ years in the crazy fun filled industry!

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