5 Things I Use Everyday and LOVE!

My Kate Spade Agenda — It has books on the cover, gold polka dots on the inside and is small enough to fit in my purse.  I do put my personal spin on each week with a color theme of washi tape, stickers and paper clip page markers.


My Keurig – Sure, there are more exciting and traditional ways to get my morning coffee, but when I’m getting the twins out the door and trying to get into the studio, thirty seconds until caffeine is blissful.


My Washi Tape – Oh, how I adore washi tape.  I use it in my planner, for styling instagram photos, to tape notes onto outgoing order, to label ribbon swatches and to close packages.  I have tons of colors and always have a need to buy more rolls.

07_10_11_Stop By Sunday_11

My Nook  – I read everyday, even if it is only for 30 minutes at the end of the day.  And, if I’m not reading a book from the library, chances are I’m reading one on my Nook.  Of course, my Nook has this Lilly Pulitzer book cover, which I adore.  Inside it says, “the nook, novel idea, lilly loves the nook…” I agree.

lilly pulitzer nook case

My Post It Notes – Okay, this might seem mundane and not all that earth-shattering, but I use these suckers for everything: notes on cardstock for cut sizes, to mark supplies for a bride, to jot down quick to-do lists, to get those big ideas onto paper before they run away, to cover up something in my planner that has been rescheduled, as a paper clip in a pinch and even to put stamps onto envelopes — oh yeah, think on that one — it will blow your mind!  And, it doesn’t hurt that they come in pretty colors too!

post it cube

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