Invitation Insider :: 5 Postage Tips


  1. Square invitations cost more than rectangles to mail.  The post office considers them to be an irregular shape and therefore, they incur a surcharge for mailing – approximately $0.40 – depending on overall weight and shape.
  2. Thickness can affect postage costs.  If you envelope is over 1/4″ thick, then the post office charges more to mail.  So, keep that in mind when deciding to add a bow, rope knots or other thicker accent to your invitation.
  3. Get the entire invitation suite in the envelope weighed at the post office before you purchase any postage.  Any envelope over 1 ounce will require a $0.71 (2 ounce rate stamp).  Don’t assume that your invite will need only $0.49 Forever stamp to mail.  You don’t want them all returned for insufficient postage.
  4. Order postage online at for more options than in your local post office branch.  There are so many new stamp designs for both 1 ounce (response envelope) and 2 ounce (typical invitation postage) and not all post offices stock them.  If you go online, you can order them and have them shipped to you in about a week for a little over $1.00.  Totally worth it!
  5. Vintage postage is available from sellers online and some even provide postage based on theme or color scheme.  Check out Verde Studio on for some amazing vintage postage ideas.

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