Invitation Insider :: 5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Invitation Design


Whether you are working with a custom invitation designer or choosing invitations from an online resource, here are a few tips to keep in mind, if you want the perfect invitation for your big day!

  1. Keep the number of colors used in the invitation to a minimum. If you have three wedding colors – navy, coral and gold – they don’t ALL have to be represented in the wedding invitation.  The invitation can be gold with navy text.  Your guests will still get a taste of the big day, but it won’t look like a party invitation!
  2. Fonts can make or break the invitation. Certain fonts can make your invitation look very casual and not appropriate for a traditional wedding invitation. Script fonts are typically safe.  Of course, you can do a mixture of fonts for an eclectic or modern look.  But, stay away from fonts that are too casual or “kid-like”.
  3. Your invitation doesn’t need to scream your theme. Every wedding has a feeling or theme — for example, rustic chic or vintage glam. Of course, there are other themes that might have more to do with a current trend or pop culture, for example — a TV show or a favorite sports team.  If that is your theme, just keep in mind that your invitation doesn’t need the team’s logo!  Incorporating one or two of the team’s colors might be a nice way to tie back to the theme, without going over the top.
  4. Traditional wording is always classic. I’m a big fan of keeping the wording traditional or at least semi-traditional. If you are having a beach wedding…you really don’t need wording like this, “Waves crash with power as great as our love”.  Keep the wording traditional and let the beauty of the location of your wedding speak for itself.
  5. Graphic elements should be timeless. I love design and I love when brides want to incorporate graphic elements into the invitation. Keep them simple, timeless and classic — for example, a nautical wedding might have an anchor design or a traditional spring wedding might have a peony image. You and your fiancé might love giraffes, but a giraffe should not be on your invitation.  Instead, in lieu of a favor at the wedding, you could make a donation to the National Zoo!

Hope these tips help you pick out the perfect invitation that you will love for years to come!

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