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I have a confession to make…I hoard invitations.  I admit it.  I have bins and bins filled with invitations from old clients.  Seriously…some of these invitations go back 5 years.  Now, some people would say that I have a problem.  I call it an opportunity!!  Over the years, I have used these extra invitations in so many ways.  But, one of my favorites is putting together packs of invitations for wedding planners and other vendors.

When I meet a new wedding planner or event designer at a networking event or on a styled shoot, I love to send them a little surprise in the mail — samples of my work!  I select a few save the dates, and invitations that range in style, color and budget.  I put them together in a cute package, write a short handwritten note and send it on it’s way!

A lot of my vendor friends have told me that they love having these samples.  They display them at their shops, share with clients during their planning meetings or even give them out with my business card.  This is such a great opportunity for me to get my work in front of clients that I might not have connected with another way.  Also, the vendors have a little something special to share with their clients, which makes them look great too!

Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to wedding planners.  I have sent these sample packs to wedding venues, florists and even photographers.  You never know when a vendor might need some special paper for a styled shoot or a photo for a blog post.  If they have your work on hand, it is just another way to share your work with the world!

So, now you can start hoarding your own supply of extra invitations and feel great about your piles and piles of paper!  They will have a purpose!

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