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As I wrap up the first week of 2016, I am reminding myself of my goal for this year…balance.  I started thinking about this at the end of 2015, when I decided to close the business for 2 1/2 weeks over the holidays.   In 13 years of owning Allison Barnhill Designs, I never took off any real time during the holiday season.  Maybe I spent a few days here or there not working, but I would be checking emails or working on paper for upcoming wedding shows.  But, this year, I said NO…no to the emails, voicemails, meetings and wedding shows.  I spent 2 1/2 weeks completely filled with family fun, visiting friends, cooking, reading, taking walks and crafting.  It was amazing and I feel so refreshed this week.

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, but I decided to set a one word goal to focus on for 2016…and it is balance.  “Balance is not something you find, it is something you create.”  I’m going to work hard this year to create balance in my life between work, health and family.  I will create boundaries, stick to them and say “no” for all the right reasons.

Do you have one word for 2016?  Sharing makes you more accountable.  Be sure to call me out on “balance” in June!

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