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I get a lot of questions from other designers about how I package up my orders when they are complete.  And, honestly, there are so many cute ways…stacks tied with ribbon or twine, paper boxes or plastic bags.  In my eyes there are two things to consider with your packaging — first, your overall branding and second, your budget.

When putting together your packaging, you have to keep your overall brand in mind.  My designs are know for being colorful and fun.  So, my packaging keeps with that feel.  I use clear plastic boxes tied with satin ribbon that matches my client’s order to package up pocketfold invitations.  For smaller orders, save the dates or flat invitations, I have a variety of clear plastic bags that I seal with stickers that have my logo on them.  If your brand was more vintage in feel, you might choose to package your invitations in rustic brown boxes with a lace ribbon bow.

Budget does play a part in this decision though.  You don’t want to “give away” all your profits with packaging.  Custom printed boxes that are made in special sizes for your invitations might not be the best option, but you could use a standard box and have a custom rubber stamp made with your logo and stamp the boxes yourself.

Bottom line, it is really what is inside the packaging that your clients are excited to see.  So, ensure your final product is gorgeous and your clients will think that the packaging is just icing on the cake!

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