It’s a New Year and a New ABD!

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Happy 2018! If you follow me on social media you know I have alluded to some changes coming for me this year. Well, I’m here today to share all the details on what’s changing with Allison Barnhill Designs — and what’s staying the same too.

First, a little history…I started Allison Barnhill Designs (or ABD, as it is affectionately called) over 15 years ago, after leaving an IT firm in DC.  I was one of those people who got the perfect job out of college, only to find out later that I hated everything about it.  With a little push from my fiancé (now hubby), I decided to start my own business.  At first, my business was a mix of wedding stationery and other paper crafts.  Slowly it evolved into all weddings, all the time. Believe me when I tell you, I didn’t know I would fall in love with designing stationery for weddings, but I’m so happy that I did! Through the years, ABD has evolved, grown and changed, but the one thing that stays the same is…me…and my love of design.

So, here is the news, as of 2018, I’m no longer designing stationery for weddings and special events. But, I am still using my design skills to help other small businesses develop their brand over at Business by Barnhill (along with a few other cool responsibilities too!). My husband and I started this venture a few years ago to support small businesses and provide services such as branding, social media, website development, accounting, tax consulting, technology, PR and advising.  I’m excited to spread my wings outside of the wedding industry and stationery design.

What is changing? Only one thing…I’m not designing stationery for weddings or special events any longer. It may seem like a big change to you, but for me, it’s just one part of a BIG world that I want to explore and tackle.

What is staying the same? Okay, here is a long list…you know how I love lists!

  1. I’m still a designer and will be using my skills for branding and other graphic design.
  2. I will continue to blog on ABD’s website (right here) and share small business tips, design tidbits, new branding projects and even some great wedding inspiration too.
  3. My social media accounts for ABD will remain active and I plan to keep sharing great information about me personally and my business on those accounts. Stay in touch!
  4. I will continue to refer and support the many amazing stationery designers that I adore in this industry.
  5. I plan to continue to mentor new stationery designers and share my 15 years of knowledge freely with anyone who asks.
  6. I still love weddings and am here to answer any questions you have about etiquette, stationery or anything else wedding related.
  7. My website will stay in place and it will probably get some great new content too!
  8. I will continue to check my ABD email every day {}.
  9. For the past few years, I have already been splitting time between ABD and Business by Barnhill, so for me this is just a continuation of a process that I have already started.

If you have any questions about these changes, please let me know. Honestly, I am over the moon to get to work hand in hand with my husband at Business by Barnhill (#teambarnhill), and get to try something new. Being an entrepreneur means that sometimes you have to take risks and make changes to be successful and achieve your goals. So, here I am, making big changes in 2018! I hope you will join me on this adventure!

Sending love and glitter!


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